Assisted Living


Since 1998 we have been a leader in the industry regarding top quality senior care. Our approach is to involve everyone in the care process, where everyone is comfortable, happy, and truly at home. We strive to provide our residents with the most comfortable atmosphere possible, complete with home cooked meals and planned activities. Unlike a traditional nursing home, our homes accommodate a maximum of 8 beds in each location. With a 4:1 staff to resident ratio, we are able to give your loved one the attention and treatment that they deserve. Our service is based on the value that this is their home, and we treat our residents and their families in that manner. 



Dementia is a combination of conditions that result in impaired brain functions, impacting cognitive efforts such as judgement, memory, and social skills. These abilities can become impaired to a point where daily functioning is altered drastically. An Angel's Touch staff is trained to care for residents suffering from these conditions, providing active treatment to ensure a positive living environment for your loved one and those around them. 




People suffering from Alzheimer's disease are not only typically robbed of basic human functioning, but also one of the most precious things any of us can have, and that is our Memories!  As the disease progresses, symptoms get worse. An Angel's Touch exists to provide the quality care that the individual needs to still laugh, enjoy life, and feel valuable. Our goal is to help keep our residents healthy and happy with a feeling of true comfort just like home!